Helping Girls Become Their Best, Authentic Selves!

Build confidence and self-esteem, create a healthy body image, and establish positive habits that last a lifetime.

Do you want your daughter to build confidence and feel empowered? 

Do you want her to create a healthy mind and body?

Do you want to see her authentic light shine? 

Sign her up for BOLD, a 7-week program that inspires girls to:

-take care of themselves- physically + mentally

-become aware of how social media influences them daily

-stop listening to that mean girl, especially the one in their head

-gain confidence in their bodies

-start letting their light shine

-build friendships that make them feel good about themselves 

This program is being implemented in schools, clubs, and sports teams around the nation. The growth in these girls is amazing- they are learning how to love themselves and getting tools to deal with the pressures that surround them.

Be a part of the movement!

See what some of the previous participants had to say:


"It has really opened up my eyes and helped me through a really tough time and it is continuing to help. It's not just girly girl topics. It's real heartfelt conversations, no lying needed."



"I would tell them [other girls] to join BOLD because I really enjoyed it! It boosted my confidence and inspired me to do new things I thought I could never do."



"I would tell them [other girls] BOLD helps with friendships, social media, body image, and more. It is so much fun!"



"I would recommend BOLD because going through middle school can be tough. It helped me think more positively and help heal their friendships. BOLD can help them get through it too."